9bb 445w solar panel

East Lux always want to bring high-quality solar panels to customers.
At the same time, we also hope to achieve a win-win situation with customers, develop and produce more efficient modules, so that customers can buy good quality solar panels saving more cost.

-Excellent space utilization, effectively increasing the power density of components and reducing input costs
-Reduce the battery temperature by more than 20℃ when the component is hot spotted to ensure the stable power generation of the power station
-Larger size, larger light-receiving area, higher component power, lower system cost
-More grid lines, narrower grid lines, larger light-receiving area, and higher module power
-Battery (current) mismatch loss and resistance loss are reduced
-Lower temperature coefficient, increased zero-depth reflection

The Ultra-high efficiency 9BB solar panels up to 455W we had do mass production.
We hope more people enjoy the energy from the sun, produce less pollution, live in an eco-friendly world.

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